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I had such a great time during my shoot with Rebekah. She made me feel confident and sexy, I dont remember when is the last time I felt like that. Thank you for bringing my sexy back!

OMG where do I even start? My experience with Purrfect was even better than I could of imagined. Rebekah was so nice and extremely helpful while I was deciding which photographer to choose from, she is very prompt in her responses and she likes to meet with her clients before the shoot to calm down any nerves and get to know you better. She kept in touch with me and gave me reminders how beautiful I am which gave me so much confidence for my shoot. The day of I was nervous, Rebekah had champagne and some snacks for me, played my favorite music, she really made me feel comfortable. Natalie did an amazing job on my hair and makeup and was extremely helpful as well . I felt like a celebrity during my shoot and well afterwards. My pictures ! OmG MY pictures came out amazing and I can’t wait to show my fiancée his little black book I made for him. I would definitely recommend Rebekah and Natalie to anyone looking to get a boudoir photo shoot l! Thanks Girls!

I had a great time during my boudoir photoshoot. Rebekah made me feel so comfortable and knew how to work with me and the environment to get the best shot. I love how my pictures came out, as does my husband!

I don't have a wedding coming up, I don't even have a boyfriend. But my experience with Purrfect Boudoir Photography was so awesome I felt I needed to write a review. I took part of a boudoir party with a friend of mine. I was scared, nervous but also intrigued by this. I went in with an open mind wanting to try something new and I was blown away! Rebekah was fun, creative and had a awesome personality. She had alot of ideas and made me feel like I was on top of the world during and after the shoot. I'm so glad I did this and I'm really glad Purrrfect was the company I shot with. I hope I get married soon just so I can have a photoshoot again and have my own boudoir party with my friends. Thanks for making it a Purrfect experience.

I've been married for 5 years and after 5 years of marriage and 3 kids later I didnt feel that sexy. I wanted to suprise my husband for our 5 year anniversary with something out of the ordinary a few friends told me about a boudoir photo shoot. At first I thought it was crazy but after speaking with Rebekah I decided this would be a great gift. Rebekah was so amazing to work with I dont have enough words to describe how she made me feel. She helped me reconnect with my inner sexy and I'm grateful for that so is my husband. If your doing a boudoir photoshoot for a engagment/ wedding / anniversary gift or just because you want to be pampered and feel amazing then I highly recommend Rebekah.

I just had my wedding this past weekend and I made a little black book to give to my now husband just before I walked down the aisle. I swear those pictures had that man blushing the whole time! He loved the idea and the effort I put into making him a gift rather than buying him a gift. I would recommend a boudoir photoshoot to any bride looking for a gift, but make sure you pick Rebekah and her team! She made me feel beautiful, confident and sexy. She took the time to get to know me and what I wanted for my shoot and she just put so much effort into everything and I truly appreciated her 5 star service!

I recently did a boudoir photoshoot with Purrfect Boudoir and it was nothing short of amazing. I love the photos and feel that she really captured my sexier side. The playlist she had during the shoot really put me in the mood. My husband loves the pictures too!! I plan to do this again soon!

Had such a great experience, it was so much fun. Pics came out amazing. Thank you Rebekah for everything.

When you seek professionalism and classiness that brings out your inner sexuality, you want to experience working with Purrfect Boudoir handling your vision of purrfection. Or if you desire to be outside of your comfort zone, Rebekah will deliever.

I cannot say enough great things about Rebeckah and Purrfect Boudoir Photography. I enjoyed every step of the process and I highly recommend doing a boudoir photo shoot and I highly recommend Rebekah and her team at Purrfect!

If you want something to WOW your future spouse with, look no further! Rebekah is professional, encouraging, and makes sure you look nothing less than amazing in your photos! The quality of work is superb and sure to be a great gift or just a great experience. Highly recommended! Thanks for making me look and feel like a Sex Goddess!

The shoot was successful and the photos were amazing! She listened to what I wanted to do and delivered. I highly recommend Purrfect!

Was referred to Rebekah by a friend of mine, I went in with the intentions of doing my own shoot but was really really nervous but really really wanted a photoshoot done. Rebekah was really understanding and offered to do a boudoir party with a few friends of mine. She set up snacks and drinks and did a half hour photoshoot for 7 of my friends - kind of a way to get my feet wet she said so I wouldn't be so nervous. It was sooo much fun! Definetly a life changing experience. She made not only me but ALL of my friends feel and look beautiful and confident. I really appreciated the gesture and the fact that she took time out to do something like that for me. i booked a session that night! The pictures from that night look amazing and I can't wait for my personal boudoir photoshoot !!!! – Monica V.
My experience with Rebekah was in every sense of the word AMAZING !!! She made me feel super comfortable during my shoot, she was very patient with me (I kept laughing during every picture) she calmed me down and made me feel comfortable.After I calmed down a bit she got me out of my comfort zone (which is what I wanted) and made me feel super confident in body. I left feeling sexy with a new attitude. My shoot was fun and exciting with a great playlist and fun sexy poses ( it was like a workout) and my pictures came out amazing!!! I never thought I’d see myself like that so beautiful and confident. She managed to capture that feeling in a picture that I’ll have forever and I’m so thankful for that. Thank you again !

Getting boudoir pictures done is something I've wanted to do for a while now for 2 reasons ( confidence booster & pictures for my fiance). I Iooked around for a photographer that I felt comfortable with, I was referred by a friend to purrfect boudoir photography. Rebekah gave me a call and we scheduled a meet up at my local Starbucks, I guess she could tell I was super nervous and she felt it would calm my nerves. She showed me her portfolio and bought me my favorite drink ( I later learned that my local Starbucks is a 45 min drive from where she is) we talked about my fiancee and why I wanted to do the shoot, she really was interested in getting to know who I was. She really went that extra mile on customer service which I deeply appreciate. The prices on the packages were Amazing! Crazy to pass up! She explained to me she is a former boudoir model and she started this buisness to help women feel sexy and confident, she doesn't do it for the money because she has a successful buisness already. The day of my shoot was AWESOME!!! The playlist really put me in the sexy mood ! Lol Her make up / hair artist was awesome! She really brought out my features and taught me how to do this kind of hair/ makeup at home. Rebekah took her time and walked me through every pose and made me feel really beautiful. She knew I had some areas that I felt were flaws and she helped me get over it. I felt like a sexy queen during my shoot and I LOVED every minute of it! Rebekah and her staff really go the extra mile for customer satisfaction which made me enjoy my shoot so much. When I got the pictures I was brought to tears because I can't ever remember looking that beautiful. As I looked through my photo album I joked around with Rebekah asking her how much photoshopping she had to do go these pictures and she informed me that she did not Photoshop one picture! She said if it don't need it , I don't do it and none of your pictures needed it, which just made me cry even more knowing that that's ALL ME in the photos! Rebekah truly has a talent for making women feel sexy, confident and beautiful. She is very creative and has a natural eye for beauty. I CAN'T wait to show my fiance these pictures on our wedding day! I can't wait to see the look on his face as I come down the aisle. Thank you Rebekah and all the staff at Purrfect Boudoir Photography for such a memorable experience! I look forward to having more reasons to do photoshoots with you girls!

My photoshoot with Purrfect Boudoir Photography was amazing. The photographer Rebekah was extremly kind and very accommodating. She knew exactly what to say and do to make me feel comfortable during my shoot. She used to model for boudoir photographers so she gave me directions and tips to help me pose. My pictures came out Purrfect! Thanks

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