Capture your sex appeal with New Jersey's premiere Purrfect Boudoir Photography

Boudoir brings out a woman’s confidence, and there is nothing sexier than a confident woman.

At Purrfect Boudoir Photography, we accomplish this by taking sensual photos that are genuine and showcase you for the gorgeous woman you are. In our experience, the most rewarding moment for both the model and photographer is the first, initial reaction of, “Oh my gosh, is that even me?!”

The reveal and surge of confidence women feel after such a shoot, no matter the reason, is why to have a boudoir shoot done. Your body type, shape, age, weight, or any part of you is not a deterrent. The purpose of a boudoir shoot is to highlight every bit and aspect of your beauty and character.

Marriage? Celebrating an Anniversary (or even celebrating a divorce)? Enjoying a new milestone or even just because you deserve to feel sexy and you recognize this! The reveal and surge of confidence, awareness & sexiness women feel after the shoot, no matter the reason, is WHY to have a boudoir shoot done with Purrfect Boudoir Photography.

Our True Passion

Purrfect Boudoir Photography helps you capture your sexiness and confidence, and deliver it to you in a way you never thought possible. With years of experience and an incredibly professional approach, Rebekah delivers to you the ability to feel confident and sexy as easily as you slip on that sexy pair of heels.

You can take comfort in knowing that, once your session is booked, you are guaranteed several hours of fun and a tailor-made experience, all to ensure that you come out of the shoot feeling more confident, powerful, and sexier than ever.

We start with industry-standard makeup application and hair care, all to highlight and perfect your beauty in order to bring it out even more. Feel like the goddess you really are, and experience the feeling of being waited on and pampered.

Our biggest goal is ensuring you comfort. A Boudoir shoot is a trusting, intimate experience that can potentially make someone feel vulnerable. Purrfect Boudoir Photography’s goal is to truly make the shoot about you, which includes getting to know you. The beauty of a person is who they are both inside and out and the knowledge of this undeniable fact is what sets us apart from other studio!

We don't like to brag,
but our clients experience speaks for itself.

Having a boudoir session done was on my bucket list. I only wished I had done it sooner than at 43. I'm not known for a woman who lacks confidence but had no idea how life changing the experience would be. As a female, I've gained a new respect for my body, my body image, and of course a deeper love for my inner self. Wow, all this just from a nude session! Then at 46, it was a treat to my psyche and inner self to have fine art nudes’ photos taken of my current: ME. With that said, the key was having a female photographer; Rebekah was fantastic and made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend Purrfect Boudoir for your boudoir or nude photoshoot!


I had such a wonderful experience with Rebekah for my boudoir photoshoot! I was so nervous going into it but she and Natalie we're so nice & sweet and made me feel at ease very quickly. I did both nude and lingerie looks, and I can't believe these photos are of me! They are so edgy, sexy and tasteful, and can't wait to give it to my soon to be husband on our wedding day! I can’t wait to see his face! Thank you so much Rebekah for creating these beautiful photographs of me! Don't wait, she gets booked up really quick, Definitely worth it! And the studio is so dreamy, she really knows how to treat her clients and make them feel really glamorous!


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